Addiction Mixology
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I was fortunate to be raised by people that always told me I was wrong and they were right.
No matter what …even if it were just the day of the week or the time of day , I was wrong!!
Day dreaming with a very creative fertile mind as a child, my teachers told my mother … she is so creative and expresses herself with great exuberance.
It was inevitable I would be in the arts.
I have been fortunate to work in design, television, restaurants and the food industry.
Having worked with a New York design company for many years, executing my ideas in retail design, restaurant design, hotels and most recently a museum, every day is a field trip in my head of new ideas and making creative landmarks.
Before one executes any idea they must first write down in words just what those visions are.
And so the link to Addiction Mixology was brewed.
I met Larrian Gillespie in the Black Forrest in Germany in none other than a restaurant. We dined, we exchanged thoughts.
It is with sheer lip smacking, cloud dancing life experience I join Larrian in her perfectly correct visions.
These days I am Right and hardly ever wrong .

Chocolate...more chocolate

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