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Sonic Mixology and the Turbo Sonic Mixer

I’m excited to introduce to you the new science of Sonic Mixology, which will revolutionize the way you prepare, infuse or store alcohols in your bar or restaurant with the Turbo Sonic Mixer.

Sonic Mixology has its foundation in the field of Pharmacology and Sonochemistry where ultrasonic acoustic streaming is used to produce nanoparticles which suspend flavor compounds by altering their nuclear structure. Applying these same principles, Culinary Sonic Instruments has developed a patent-pending method for creating dynamic alcoholic flavors in minutes rather than days, weeks or months.

With just the touch of a button you can create custom infusions, extractions, stabilize flavor in cases of wines and spirits with the power of the Turbo Sonic Mixer. Electrons that are activated by the transducer in the Turbo Sonic Mixer are strong enough to rip holes in foil as they tunnel and stream in the tank. That same action is what creates cold boiling and mixes the compounds in the bottles of alcohol.

Watch the color streaming on both sides of the bottle as the saffron is extracted at rapid speed in the Turbo Sonic Mixer.

Cold boiling occurs because of excited electrons racing at over 1000 miles per hour through the alcohol,. Notice the "cold boiling" stops as soon as the flask is removed from the tank.

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