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18 Shades of Basil or Thoughts on My Class at the Golden State of Cocktails

It's always gratifying when you read someone's post about a class you taught and see that they "GOT IT!"  Maren Swanson has written an accurate summary of some of the key points of my class and I thought you might enjoy reading her blog "Pour Play", so skip right along to "18 Shades of Basil: Dr Larrian Gillespie on Scents, Sex and Cocktails" on her blog and see what you missed.

Golden State of Cocktails 2015 Scenes from The Pharmacology of Flavor

Here are some great shots taken by Allison Webber Photography during my class on the Pharmacology of Flavor at the Golden State of Cocktails in Los Angeles.

Roy Porter making my introduction.

Roy Porter making my introduction.

Getting ready to begin my class

Getting ready to begin my class

Testing for Supertasters

Testing for Supertasters

Louis Anderman of Miracle Mile Bitters volunteered to demonstrate the effect of texture on our perception of flavor. No cheating!


The Pharmacology of Flavor at The Golden State of Cocktails

Browsing through the photos/movie from last year's inaugural Golden State of Cocktails event, I discovered a nice segment shot during my attendance at Gaby Mlynarczyk's presentation.

Dr. Larrian Gillespie at 2014 Golden State of Cocktails

Looking forward to sharing more great times with everyone, so purchase your tickets now.

Golden State of Cocktails Presentation SOLD OUT!

My presentation at the Golden State of Cocktails in Los Angeles on January 29 at the Los Angeles Athletic Club has sold out. If you are interested in attending my session, please contact Geoff Nudelman ( and request standby seating. Looking forward to seeing you there!

UPDATE: They have just added 30 more seats for a waiting list and may add an additional session so sign up NOW!

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