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Food Network Star Emily Ellyn Impressed with InstaFoam

Food Network Star Emily Ellyn made a cocktail with chickpea liquid ( aquafaba) and the audience questions the hummus taste of aquafaba. Listen to her talk about testing Instafoam (quillaja or soap bark extract concentrate) out hours later...and how she enjoyed her "Doctor's Order" cocktail the next morning. She was impressed with the lasting foam. We know you will be too!

Golden State of Cocktails: The Pharmacology of Flavor

The response to my class has been terrific, so they have moved my talk to a much larger room to accommodate all those wanting to take my course. Seating is still limited, so buy your tickets online at The Golden State of Cocktails now. Here'e a preview:

2:00 PM  -  3:00 PM

The Pharmacology Behind Creating Flavor-Addicting Cocktails $25

When applied molecular pharmacology meets flavor perception, the result is finding your cocktail creation’s “G spot” every time. Flavor Pairing (not to be confused with food matching) is a new field of culinary investigation focusing on combining dominant matched flavor compounds to intensify the taste experienced by the consumer. Pharmacology-based flavor pairings allow the bartender or drink engineer the ability to recreate and echo a flavor by combining chemical elements similar to that flavor. The upshot? Volatile aromatics become intensified in the retronasal or “flavor chimney” portion of the mouth. Experience the science behind creating bold flavors and how you can infuse these lessons into your next cocktail program. Aroma sensory testing included. Empire Room

PS: That's me in the lower left corner at last year's event.

PS: That's me in the lower left corner at last year's event.

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