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The Black Pearl, Fitzroy Wins Best Bar in Australasia 2017

The Black Pearl Bar in Fitzroy, Australia is no stranger to competitions, having been named the Best Bar in Australasia AND one of the World's Best 50 Bars for 2017. Add that to their Spirited Award at Tales of the Cocktail and you know you have one serious creative bar. So I asked manager Chris Hysted-Adams what makes your establishment such a rare gem?

"Thats the big question! What we aim to do when anyone walks in is welcome them to a warm, inclusive and fun atmosphere. We’re very lucky to be part of a creative, honest and vibrant environment in Fitzroy. Its a super eclectic crowd. So maybe thats it? The guests. They help drive our creative direction and keep us on our toes. They give us the chance to help them unwind with a special cocktail, nerd out over a rare Japanese whisky, fuel their Friday night with a nitro-charged Espresso Martini or wash off a tough day with a pot of beer or a glass of house red. Community has always been at the heart of Black Pearl -  and there’s no community quite like it."

The talent of your team is world class. How do you select your bartenders and what qualities do you look for?

"Personality above all else. We like to hire people we’d love to be served by. You can teach people how to make drinks, but you can’t teach personality. Many times we’ve hired regulars of the bar!"

Innovative cocktails are your specialty and you use InstaFoam. How has InstaFoam helped in your bar?

"We’re always looking for ways to reduce waste around our bar (the way we see it, it’s just good business sense), so finding a way to reduce our wastage regarding eggs whites and yolks has been fantastic. Being in Fitzroy (a very bohemian suburb) it helps having a vegan alternative to egg whites behind the bar as well!"

Chris kindly sent us one of their more popular recipes which demonstrates the ease in which you can use InstaFoam to create an award-winning cocktail.


Courtesy The Black Pearl, Fitzroy, Australia

Courtesy The Black Pearl, Fitzroy, Australia


Glass: Highball

Method: Whip with 39gms Crushed Ice

Garnish: Vanilla & Lavender Mist


40ml Ketel One

20ml Fino Sherry

30ml Roasted Sweet Potato Syrup

60ml Fresh Orange Juice

3 Dashes InstaFoam (quillaja (soap bark)) extract concentrate

Dash Malic Acid (to taste pending on Orange Juice quality)





Food Network Star Emily Ellyn Impressed with InstaFoam

Food Network Star Emily Ellyn made a cocktail with chickpea liquid ( aquafaba) and the audience questions the hummus taste of aquafaba. Listen to her talk about testing Instafoam (quillaja or soap bark extract concentrate) out hours later...and how she enjoyed her "Doctor's Order" cocktail the next morning. She was impressed with the lasting foam. We know you will be too!

Food Network Star Emily Ellyn and Instafoam for Cocktails

Food Network Star Emily Ellyn recently tried Instafoam (quillaja or soap bark extract concentrate) and talked about it at Catersource 2017. Here are some excerpts from her presenation. No hummus taste with Instafoam!

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